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Palisades Park

Palisades Park
Palisades Park
#About the Park on the Cliff Overlooking the Ocean

With a gorgeous location over the water, the many palm trees scattered across the promenade and the green lawn, many say that the Palisades Park in Santa Monica is the prettiest park in Los Angeles.

Many come here for picnics, walk their dogs, practice Tai Chi, and those looking for pretty views and overlooking the cliffs - this is a real magical park.

This is one of the oldest parks in the area, and one of the prettiest during spring. Besides special trees and many pretty flowers, there is a rose garden that must be seen, the long and narrow park has bike lanes, walking and running tracks, some of which are along the tall cliffs. The Pacific Ocean spreads from the park and to the horizon, and there are a few walking trails along the beach to walk on.

The peaceful atmosphere that is in the park makes Palisades one of the calm corner for family entertaining and ball games with children. Children will also enjoy the historical cannon that is in the park, and the different statues scattered around.

Many come to this park during twilight to take photos of the beautiful sunset. You can look and see flying seagulls.

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