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Parks in Milan

Indro Montanelli Park
Indro Montanelli Public Gardens
#The Green Park at the End of Milan

Facing Porta Venezia is the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens (Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli), one of the two largest urban parks of the center of Milan.

The Indro Montanelli Park is a wonderful park full of trees, greenery and flowers, with wonderful lawns, lots of benches and a lake in the middle. It has many statues and has climbing facilities for children.

On Sundays, it operates electric carousel facilities, bumper cars, and the like. Space lovers are also invited to visit the Nature Museum and the Planetarium.

Indro Montanelli, after whom the park was named, was one of the greatest Italian commentators. He was a historian and humanist, a rightist who was one of the few right-wing Italians who tried to prevent Silvio Berlusconi's election as prime minister of the Italian Republic as the right-wing leader in the country. The man suffered many persecutions in his life and attempts at assassinations, which stemmed from his courage to write his opinions, against strong and threatening forces.

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Parco delle Basiliche
Basilicas Park
#The Well-Tended Park Between the Basilicas

The city-center Basilicas Park (Parco delle Basiliche) is a pleasant and well-kept park in the south-center of Milan. It is situated between the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Basilica of San Eustorgio.

This is where the water channel that brought water to the Old City arrived. Among the lush greenery of the large park are ecological fountains and there are 3 children's playgrounds, picnic tables and a dog park.

The residents of Milan are very fond of the park, thanks in part to its location, close to the city's entertainment and commercial areas.

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Idroscalo Park
Lake Idroscalo
#The "Sea of ​​Milan"

In the east of Milan, you will find The Idroscalo Park (Lago Idroscalo), an 8-square-kilometer park surrounded by an artificial reservoir of spring water.

The park was inaugurated in 1930, and to this day it is considered one of the city's most charming corners. Italian residents and tourists flock here in their spare time, especially in summer, when you can bath in the open pools and the fun children's pools.

The place is called the "Sea of ​​Milan," that is thanks to the beautiful lake at the center of the park. You can sail in pedal boats and kayaks on the lake. The park around the lake is green and fun and on the northeast side of the lake there is a bunch of cafes, bars, fish and grill restaurants and delicious pizzerias.

Besides the lake, there are many ​​sports and exercise options. From bicycle and walking paths, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, beach volleyball and also climbing walls and a skatepark.

There are also open areas for picnics, relaxing areas and amusement areas. For those interested, there is a park for children with disabilities and paid activities, such as trampolines and art and craft workshops.

Want to explore the park? - Rent bikes or rollerblades and go wander around the park.

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Parco Sempione
Sempione Park
#The Big Green Park Behind the Sforza Castle

Tired of running all around the city? Do you want to stop the shopping spree, museums and amazing corners? - Take a break for a short rest and enjoy one of the charming parks offered by this city.

Sempione Park (Parco Sempione) is a magnificent and romantic park, the largest urban park in Milan. It is one of the most famous and popular parks in the city, a large, green park just behind the Sforza Castle.

Sampione serves as the city's green lung, a blooming area in the heart of the city's urban landscape. This is a great place where you can walk around year-round. The park covers a wide area northwest of Duomo. You will find many couples lying on the big lawns among the trees and the water fountains scattered around it.

The Sempione Park is designed as a neo-classical garden with many fascinating elements. Among them, you will see Arco Della Pace, the Roman-style sports amphitheater, the lake with the surrounding ducks and bridges and its beautiful tower.


During the summer you can enjoy cheerful festivals held in the park and watch various shows in the park, often free of charge.

A quick picnic? - Buy wine with a pizza or tramezzino, the triangle sandwich sold here, come and stretch out on the grass and take your time to relax...
The park is next to the castle, around the Palazzo dell'Arte (Municipal Art Museum) and next to the aquarium, making it a resting point in the passage between them.

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