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Piazza delle Erbe

Piazza delle Erbe
Piazza delle Erbe
#About the Favorite Square Near the Tower

One of Verona's main squares, Piazza delle Erbe, is a bustling square filled with various stalls selling local food and a host of nice products. Here, from the Middle Ages and especially in the 14th century, it was one of the city's largest markets.

But the ancient roots of this square reach to the Roman period, which was here as much as the heart of the Roman Forum.

The square of Piazza delle Erbe, in Egnlish "spice square," is really the heart of the city of Verona. It is in a meeting of its main trade streets, Via Mazzini, Verona's shopping street and via Capello, leading to Juliet's House.

The square is surrounded by a series of important buildings, with an impressive fountain in its center, all of which were built at the time and preserved to this day in their entirety.

#What Will You See Here?

The square has various monuments that symbolize the rulers of Verona over the years. Take note, for example, of the impressive Verona Madonna fountain, dating back to the reign of the Scaligerian family in the Middle Ages. This fountain, dating back to 1368, features an ancient marble statue from the Roman period, a statue of the Madonna di Verona.

In the center of the square you will see a small stage with a pillar next to it. The covered platform, which stands on four pillars, is called Capitolo. From which the representatives of the government in the 16th century came to announce the decrees and laws of the rulers of Verona to the public.

Have you noticed the Venetian marble pillar, topped by the winged lion statue? What is the symbol of the Venetian city of Venice in Verona, you ask? - This is a symbol of the rule of the Venetian Republic here, which lasted for many years.

The colorful square is surrounded by palaces, such as the Palazzo Maffei, the impressive Baroque palace. Nearby is the Palazzio Della Ragio, where you can glimpse the changing art exhibitions.

In the compound of this palace stands the famous Lamberti tower, or "Torre dei Lamberti". This tower, 83 meters high, is made of stone and was built in the Middle Ages. It has a great view of the entire city.

In the northeastern corner of the square you will see the Casa Mazanti, a house originally built by the Scaligerians, the city's medieval rulers. Notice the Renaissance frescoes, which, like many houses of the time, adorn this structure.

#The Market in the Square

The Piazza delle Erbe is the largest and most popular market in Verona. You will find a variety of food stands, clothes, jewelry and handicrafts.

It is recommended to arrive at the market stalls on the square on Saturdays and Sundays, together with the locals who come to spend time and choose between the selections of vegetables and fruits, handicrafts and the like.

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The Market in the Square:

Porta dei Borsari
Porta dei Borsari
#About the Roman Entrance Gate

Take note of the Porta dei Borsari, which means "tax collection gate", because of the taxes (dazio) collected here, from those who transported goods into the city.

Originally the Roman city gate, built in the first century AD on foundations from the 1st century BC, was reconstructed in the year 265. The original gate included a fortified and rectangular structure that included an inner courtyard, watchtowers and paths for the sentries that guarded it.

Above the gate that remains today, you will see a two-story wall with 12 arched windows, some inside small niches. On the side, note the columns of the Corinthian columns that support Architrave, the first occurrence above the column capitals and the Pediment, the triangular element at the front.

In the days of the Roman Empire, Porta dei Borsari was one of the most important gates of the city and served as an example of many defensive gates built over the years throughout the empire. The Roman name of the gate was Porta Iovia, because of the temple of Jupiter, Iovianus, which was nearby.

In the Middle Ages it was called the gate of San Zeno. The gate has inspired many important architects over the years.

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A Tour:

Torre dei Lamberti
Torre dei Lamberti
#About the Medieval Fortress

The Torre dei Lamberti, located near the city's main square, Piazza delle Erbe, offers a great view of Verona and the entire area. To the tower, which rises to a height of 83 meters, many come to watch this view.

The tower was built in the Middle Ages. It rises to a high height, allowing for a wonderful panoramic view around the city of Verona.

This tower, Torre dei Lamberti, is a nice romantic place, especially near sunset. The magnificent view of the city and its surroundings, seen from the top of the tower, is simply wonderful.

If you are fit you will have no problem climbing stairs. Those who are not fit will be able to board the elevator.

The Piazza delle Erbe next to the tower is a bustling square filled with various stalls, including local food and a host of nice things.

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