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Ponte Pietra

Ponte Pietra
Ponte Pietra Bridge
#About the Roman Bridge That Was Rebuilt After Being Blown in the War

The Ponte Pietra Bridge, or Ponte Pietra, on the Adige River, is an ancient Roman bridge that continues to function as a useful bridge in Verona. In fact, it is the only Roman bridge left in the city and is very impressive.

Not all the bridge is authentic. The Roman part was destroyed and completed with parts from the Middle Ages. In World War II, all the bridges of Verona, the Pietra Bridge was also blown up and destroyed. It was the German army that destroyed it, while fleeing from Allied armies.

Only after the war did the bridge get restored. This happened after they collected all the stones from the river, one at a time. The collected stones were then meticulously arranged and reconstructed from the bridge as a whole, with the necessary completion of course. Notice the different colors of the bridge stones. Each color of the stones represents another period in the history of the bridge.

From the bridge you can enjoy a great view of the city of Verona and its harbor. Take note of the opposite bank and the tower that protects the bridge. Behind it, by the way, you can see the back side and the bell towers of the beautiful churches in the Old City.

#Task for Children

Look for as many ancient Roman inscriptions as the ancient ones on the bridge in ancient times. Those who find the most get ice cream...

In the Ponte Pietra area there are a number of nice restaurants and bars. In these restaurants you can enjoy a romantic meal in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

View from the Bridge:


A View from Above:


In Winter:


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