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High Line
High Line
#History of the Walkway

The walkway High Line in New York was built on remains of train tracks that were built here in 1929. Originally, the tracks were opened for use in 1943, and trains transferred food and agriculture through it. With the years, the exporting industry improved, and made the track irrelevant. The amount of passengers and merchandise declined, and use of the tracks declined as well. In 1980 the tracks completely closed, and remained an abandoned skeleton.

In the summer of 1999, it was decided to destroy the tracks for the use of new construction, however an organization of locals decided to fight this decision, and try to change the decision to renovate the tracks into a public park. Many people joined this organization, and lobbied the local politicians, locals, and celebrities. In 2003 an architecture competition took place where a team was chosen to lead the project. Building began in 2006, and the first part of the park was opened in 2009. The second and third parts of the park were opened in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

From the first moment the park was a huge succeess, and immediately made this spot one of the most popular attractions in the city. About 3 million visitors a year visit the park.

The influence of the park is monumental and can be seen through the apartment prices around the park, that continue to go up, and the residents that live here are those who can afford a high quality of life.

#Visitors to the Park

The green walkway is a 1.45 mile-long promenade. It is a nice and green park, with greenery along the sides of the walkway, and overlooks 10th Avenue, and the Statue of Liberty.

On this walkway you will find a lot of greenery and wildflowers, sitting corners and walking trails. Benches are placed along the walkway and are perfect for couples that want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

In the first and newer part of the park you can see dozens of families wandering around the walkway, children playing on benches and doing sports. The area is patrolled by security, to ensure the area remains safe.

This is a magical piece of nature, perfect, and distant from the industrial and urban background of the city.

The southern entrance into the High Line is located on Gansevoort Street between Chelsea on the north, the entrance to the north of the park is on 30th Street and 10th Avenue. Here on Guidol you are equipped with a navigation button, so you are all taken care of. Enjoy!
Sunny Beach Promenade
Sunny Beach Promenade
#About the Promenade Next to the Wonderful Beach

The Sunny Beach Promenade begins near the Victoria Palace Hotel, and from there it continues along Sunny Beach.

Along the promenade you will find food stalls, watches, clothes, shoes, perfumes, and other things to buy. All this next to bars, pubs, restaurants, and more. There are many brands, most of them fake, though made at a rather high quality.

The promenade has a nice amusement park, though not too big. There are nice and scary rides, like the extreme ride with the chairs, that spins the people at a high speed, a scary maze, a nice 3D movie, Ferris wheel, driving simulators with racing cars and other amusing rides.

During the evening hours, the promenade is also the center of entertainment. It is long and full of attractions for the young, and the whole family. There are fast food places of all kinds, restaurants on the beach, and of course places to drink, a variety of bars, pubs, and clubs all along the promenade.


Bring money for shopping to the promenade, there is always something nice here.

The beach here is long and lively, and is almost always full of vacationers, especially during the noon hours.

A Closer Look:

Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
#About the Promenade Where Manhattan can be Viewed in its Full Glory

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is considered special, since it is not so well-known by tourists. And this would be a large miss, because the view is so breathtaking, with the fresh air and romantic atmosphere, that this place is a must-visit destination.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade stretches along the Brooklyn coastal line, about 3 kilometers long, and the magnificent Manhattan skyline is seen from here, the most famous urban skyline in the world. From here the Manhattan skyscrapers are revealed, as well as the horizon of the most famous island in the world, in full force. Notice Wall Street, to the spot where the Twin Towers were once located, where today the new One World Tower is, replacing them after they fell down during the terror attack on September 11, 2001.

Along the promenade you can see the prestigious Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, where there are many stores, cafes and restaurants, along with a variety of clothing stores, boutiques, and galleries.

If you are hungry, continue along to Atlantic Avenue, where there is a large concentration of very delicious Middle Eastern restaurants.
Promenade plantee
Promenade Plantee
#About the Promenade

If you are familiar with Manhattan's walkway, the "High Line," you will find a great resemblance to this charming promenade located in Paris.

The length of the "green corridor," the promenade of Paris, is 4.5 kilometers. Like that of New York, it was also built on the bridge of an abandoned 19th century railroad. The original railway line connected the Bastille to the suburbs. It ceased operating in 1969.

The promenade was designed by two architects: Jacques Wrzelli and Philip Matthew.

Pedestrians will enjoy the tall garden, surrounded by modern buildings. Along the way you will find benches, small lawns, green trees and stunning views. Those who choose to go on the bike route will find special ways to get around at ground level.

A Closer Look at the Promenade:



Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay
#About the Pretty Hong Kong Beach

Repulse Bay, on the southern side of the island, is a beautiful beach surrounded on a promenade. In the bay, located not far away from Stanely Market, you will find a nice promenade along the beach. There are pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Pretty close to the beach line you will see a colorful temple, with a few special colorful statues, that can't be found anywhere else in the city. Locals respect these statues greatly. Much attention and focus are given, and a lot of respect towards the "Happiness" statue in this temple.


Walking here along the beach at sunset around the bay is a very recommended activity.

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Universal City Walk
Universal City Walk
#About the Festive Shopping Promenade and Entertainment for the Whole Family

Universal City Walk is a long promenade that has shopping and entertainment. Its location is right next to the Universal Studios amusement park. This ties the Universal City Walk for what happens in the successful park dedicated to cinema.

So, if you live by the cinema, and like the popular merchandise for movies, this is the right place for you. The Universal City Walk offers dozens of stores, all having to do with cinema and the world of movies.

Imagine a vibrant and lively area, with my stores, merchandise and clothes from famous Hollywood movies. Around you will be surrounded by street artists performing live shows. In the City Walk there are also a variety of souvenirs stores from movies. There are movies theaters around, clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. Everything is in one street, lit up, colorful and large, just like America knows to offer.


The prices here are not very expensive, but they are not cheap either.

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Canada Place
Canada Place
#About the Building's Sails that Became One of the Symbols of the City

Canada Place is an especially modern building, considered one of the symbols of Vancouver. On the white roof are 5 large white sails, that remind of the maritime history of British Columbia.

From Canada Place ships set sail to Alaska. This is a special building, that was built for the large 1986 Expo, to host visitors, and became a main attraction in the city. From here is a beautiful view of the whole bay, the tall mountain tops that surround the city, the merchant ships that cross the ocean and small planes that take off and land in the water.

This is a real icon, some compare this building to the Sydney Opera House, one of the most real known structures in the world.

Next is also a great promenade that enables a nice walk with music playing street music and all sorts of styles.

#What Will You See Here?

Around Canada Place you will see a beautiful promenade, with a free entrance to walk around and wander. Along the walkway are different shops and restaurants.

In the building is also a theater and an IMAX theater, with many movies and 3D effects, screens on a huge screen that is 5 floors high.

There is also a sea terminal here for people, and across - impressive views of downtown Vancouver, the port, bay, and Northern Vancouver and the mountains around.

On the building's roof are large horns, that each day at noon blow and make noise.

#History of the Building

At first, Canada Place was used as a merchandise pier. Towards the Expo of '86 it was renovated and rebuilt, in order to be the Canadian house in the Expo of 1986 and host visitors.

Since the unique building has been built, in the shape of a large ship, it has been used as a convention center, a terminal for ships and cruises, a hotel and IMAX theater. In the complex are also exhibits holding the largest displays from Canada and around the world.


Between the months of May- October, many ships can be seen next to Canada Place that leave for cruises in Alaska, or coming back from one.

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Venice Beach
Venice Beach
#About Venice and the Los Angeles Beaches

One of the most famous and charming beaches in California is Venice Beach. This is a must-see site for every tourist, and a place frequented by locals.

Venice Beach is a strip of beach about 5 kilometers longs, with a lively and fun walkway - a place that mostly comes alive on weekends. If you like beach activities, you can find almost everything here. Basketball courts, skating rink, restaurants and cafes, boutique shops, bike lanes, a nice walkway filled with artists, magicians, and street performances.

Actually, this is one of the most interesting places in Los Angeles. You can see it all - people dancing, people skating or rollerblading, professional skateboarders, jugglers, bodybuilders, mass dancing on the beach, and people riding bikes.

If you walk towards the Abbot Kinney area, located nearby, you can see art galleries, and great restaurants. Those who like to walk can continue walking north, to the Santa Monica Wharf, with the Ferris wheel and the great theme park.

Venice Beach did not accident received its name. This beach is located near the Venice neighborhood, that took its name from Venice, Italy. In this neighborhood, there are canals that were dug at the beginning of the 20th century in a swamp area, in order to make the area an amusement park. Until today there are 6 canals parallel to one another and connected by bridges.

On summer weekends the beach is crowded with tourists. You might not want to come here during the evening hours, there are many homeless people and questionable characters that might not be as nice to be around in the dark.


If you decided to go into the water, just know they are probably chilly.

On weekends there is an exciting drum circle on the beach.

A Closer Look at Venice Beach and its Walkway:


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