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Al Duomo
Al Duomo
#About the Restaurant with Surprising Dishes

Austria Osteria Trattoria Al Duomo is a restaurant that the people of Verona love, which is evident in the menu which is in Italian only.

The menu here includes interesting dishes such as steak made of horse meat, or spaghetti with meat sauce (bigoli pasta sugo d'asino) and even ravioli with swordfish. Familiar or simpler dishes are goat cheese coated with bread crumbs, served with grilled vegetables. The wine section has a selection of wines that you can order in the glass.

The restaurant is decorated here with Mandolins and other stringed instruments that hang on its walls. For those who love this style, on Wednesdays you can also enjoy live performances of mandolin players here.
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La Cantina del 15
#About the Wonderful Restaurant with a Wonderful View

A unique combination of Italian and Mexican flavors can be found in the La Cantina del 15 restaurant in Verona, a restaurant whose customers are loyal and come back again and again.

This restaurant is set in a traditional and impressive stone building, surrounded by greenery, whose windows offer spectacular views.

On the menu, La Cantina offers wonderful local pasta, along with excellent seafood, fine wines in a rich variety and delicious desserts. enjoy your meal!


Making reservations in advance is recommended.
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Ristorante Antica Torretta
#About the Excellent Fish and Seafood Restaurant in Verona

The Ristorante Antica Torretta is a small restaurant where the food is served in a typical Italian atmosphere. The restaurant excels in local cuisine. Her name is known especially in its famous fish soup, fresh seafood and fine wines served in it, one of the best wineries in the area.


It is recommended to book in advance - phone number: + 39-045-801-5292

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Ristorante 12 Apostoli
12 Apostoli
#About the 18th Century Old Restaurant

With walls adorned with ancient frescoes, the Ristorante 12 Apostoli is a prestigious restaurant, combining fine dining with a unique magical space and rare archeology.

Apart from a good restaurant, which has been active in various incarnations since 1750, this restaurant also provides a truly cultural experience.

The restaurant menu is entirely based on Verona's classic cuisine. Among the local dishes created by an experienced and expert Italian chef, you will find great and meticulously prepared dishes, such as a lemur in rich Amrona wine sauce and long cooking, or risotto cooked in Amrona wine, with fresh porcini mushrooms topped with truffles.

The dessert, by the way, can be eaten at a large, common table, which is located in the restaurant's impressive wine cellar. As a last course try the local recommended tiramisu.

The special thing about the place is the 12 steps down below the cellar. When you go down you will see rare archaeological ruins, parts of the Cardo, the Roman street of ancient Verona. This street has passed right here and you can see parts of houses, large stones and huge marble fragments left from buildings that were destroyed during the Roman Empire.

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Recommened Restaurants in Verona

Bottega del Vino
Bottega del Vino
#About the Amrona Wine kingdom

A luxury wine bar, an Italian chef's kitchen, or a winery offering his wine - Antica Bottega del Vino is not just a restaurant. This is a gastronomic institution, where the atmosphere is unique and it is recommended to dine.

At Bottega, you will dine surrounded by a huge collection of Amrona wine bottles of decades. The wine list that you will be presented here is a huge book with hundreds of wine types and options. The list of this wine many call here "the Bible of wine."

This restaurant is full throughout the day and the food is exceptional in its quality. The classic dish here is also considered one of the specialties of the region - risotto based on Amrona wine. More equal portions are tortellini with truffles and an ox's cheek dish.

Please note - eating and drinking here is a great experience, but expensive. You can skip this place, but at least try to take a look inside and see its special design and atmosphere.


Try to get to lunch here.

Book in advance.

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Gelateria Pampanin
Gelateria Pampanin
#About the BestIce Cream in Verona and Northern Italy

The Gelateria Pampanin, next to the Gribaldi Bridge in Verona, is a wonderful ice cream parlor. It's a wonderful place for coffee and gelato, the wonderful Italian ice cream, which many consider the best ice cream in the world.

Gelato is a basic name for Italian ice cream. Here you can eat the excellent gelato, which is authentic handmade Italian ice cream.

Gelateria Pampanin offers ice cream, one of the best in Italy. Some see it as the best ice cream in Northern Italy.

In Pampanin there are many tempting flavors, the dilemma between them is not simple. If you want to try them all, you'll have to eat here a few times. Do not miss the 'eis' spaghetti, a kind of spaghetti shaped ice cream. This is a strange ice cream, but very tasty!

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Ristorante Il Desco
Ristorante Il Desco
#About Verona's Amazing Michelin Star Restaurant

In one of Verona's best restaurants, the Michelin Star Ristorante Il Desco you can enjoy deliciously delicious food.

The choice here is between a 3-course meal from a regular menu and a little cheaper or an à la carte order of specific and expensive dishes from the menu.

The choice of main dishes includes side dishes and mid-meal dishes such as risotto, spaghetti, ravioli and gnocchi. For a main course, choose from excellent meat, fish and seafood.

Many locals come to Il Desco, as well as tourists who like gourmet food. Prices are very expensive.

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Trattoria Caprini
Trattoria Caprini
#About the Best Pasta Restaurant in the World

Negrar, a small northern village, is home to Trattoria Caprini di Torbe, considered one of the best in Italy, and many call it the "best pasta restaurant in the world".

Traveling to this restaurant is a great excursion in a beautiful and open Italian landscape. The charming village is towed and the Terretera Caprini di Torba leads a country road, beautifully beautiful and surrounded by vineyards.

Caprini itself is a small family trattoria that prepares great food, all from local ingredients. Under the leadership of the mother, the family demonstrates here on weekends and gives the diners a kind of lesson in preparing local and divine pasta. They put the dough, roll out and cut it into a pasta gravy. So they prepare the pasta, with fresh mushrooms, in wonderful local olive oil, in the form of lasagna, with meat on top and a host of other wonderful dishes - all for diners.

With a glass of red wine, excellent and local, there is nothing missing here. This is the moment when you understand how excellent pasta is not a big deal - with all the perfection of it ...

It's nice that the prices in Trattoria Caprini are not the most expensive, and the profit, literally, is ours.

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