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Santa Monica
Santa Monica Pier
#About the Pleasant Coastal Town

Along the Pacific Ocean stands Santa Monica, a beautiful and quiet beach town with a pleasant promenade, restaurants and cafés where many sit, volleyball courts with amateur and sometimes professional players, a children's playground and a "chess park" reminiscent of the square Washington Square in New York.

The beaches of Santa Monica are certainly known from the movies and series that are filmed here and include scenes filled with young surfers, shapely rescuers, pristine beaches with a lonely lifeguard hut, plenty of sun, sea, and sunshine.

Santa Monica itself was established in 1886 and named after the mother of Augustine - the Christian Santa Monica.

Its almost Mediterranean climate and exact location made it one of the most recognized and leading places among vacationers in the early 20th century. As a result of the growing numbers of tourists here, the city experienced a significant flowering during the 1980's. Pedestrians can enjoy the pleasant promenade, where shops and restaurants, designer stalls, street performances and what not, are located. You can also rent hiking or cycling equipment and children will enjoy the Pacific Park amusement park on the pier.

In the Hippodrome lies the legendary turnstile which is housed in a structure with a unique design from the past of Santa Monica. If you have time to get on it - it's a memento from other times, especially naive and nostalgic.

Santa Monica Tour:

Pacific Park
Pacific Park
#About the Santa Monica Park

Santa Monica is a gorgeous seaside town in itself and has quite a few attractions for the whole family. Along the promenade, you will find restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and other attractions. But if you are looking for a stopping point somewhere along with children, the Pacific Theme Park, which is on the beach pier will be perfect for you and will provide you with several hours of fun with the children.

It was built in 1909 and still preserves the nostalgic and enchanting atmosphere of yesteryear. If you look at the impressive wooden carousel, built in 1922, you will understand why it is one of the park's pride points. It incidentally became a star in its own right when it appeared in the movie "The Sting" with Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

A wealth of challenging and fascinating facilities will be offered to your children here - pirate ships, bumper cars, roller coaster, first solar wheel and more. Millions of visitors come here each year. If you arrive on Thursdays in summer, you can listen to free concerts.
Cafe La Boheme
Cafe La Boheme
#About an expensive restaurant called Cafe

Cafe La Boheme, Los Angeles, is the name of an expensive restaurant and author in West Hollywood, with excellent service and memorable food, serving amazing food and superb cuisine from the world, with accents from Asian cuisine.

This award-winning, well-designed restaurant opened in 1991 by chef Kozo Hasegawa.

Here you can dine in the patio garden, by the fireplace, or between roses and jasmine flowers and enjoy a great and wonderful meal in an intimate and delightful space.

It has a sumptuous setting, rich with French shadlers hanging from high ceilings, to a space decorated with sofas and chairs lined with red.


Reservations are recommended.

Telephone Restaurant 323-848-2360

Who's the first place in Los Angeles?

3rd Street Promenade
3rd Street Promenade
#About the Boardwalk of Santa Monica

The coastal city of Santa Monica is a perfect place for a family trip as it has a combination of parameters that make it a particularly pleasant place - the comfortable Los Angeles weather, the relaxing beach and ... Shopping!

The 3rd Street Promenade, which is actually a pedestrian mall within the city, is a prestigious dining and entertainment area, but one you will not want to give up. The promenade is full of clothing stores, boutique stores and souvenirs, familiar chains and more. Quite a few visitors come here to buy, or just hang out and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the place. Do not be surprised if you meet street artists who show you their best talents in energetic, colorful street performances.

On Saturdays and Wednesdays there is a farmers' market with organic products.

Santa Monica

Abbot Kinney
Abbot Kinney
#About the Pleasant Entertainment Area off Venice Beach

Want to spend time in Venice? - Abbot Kinney Avenue is a long palm-lined avenue that presents what is considered the true magic of Los Angeles.

With palm trees, art galleries, shops and excellent restaurants, this is the main street of Venice, a street inspired by the Italian city of Venice. Just like the Italian Venice, there are water canals and little bridges on Abbott Kinney Avenue.

Abbott Kinney is not far from Venice Beach. Everything you find in it will be unique. From the pleasant vintage shops, the stylish cafes, the excellent ice cream parlors, the boutiques and designer boutiques, the galleries with fascinating artworks, trendy restaurants and unique art stalls - it is no wonder that on the weekends and evenings, the area is full of interests.


On weekends, the area is crowded and sometimes too crowded. If you can, come in the middle of the week and enjoy a truly delightful experience.

A Closer Look at Abbott Kinney:

Palisades Park
Palisades Park
#About the Park on the Cliff Overlooking the Ocean

With a gorgeous location over the water, the many palm trees scattered across the promenade and the green lawn, many say that the Palisades Park in Santa Monica is the prettiest park in Los Angeles.

Many come here for picnics, walk their dogs, practice Tai Chi, and those looking for pretty views and overlooking the cliffs - this is a real magical park.

This is one of the oldest parks in the area, and one of the prettiest during spring. Besides special trees and many pretty flowers, there is a rose garden that must be seen, the long and narrow park has bike lanes, walking and running tracks, some of which are along the tall cliffs. The Pacific Ocean spreads from the park and to the horizon, and there are a few walking trails along the beach to walk on.

The peaceful atmosphere that is in the park makes Palisades one of the calm corner for family entertaining and ball games with children. Children will also enjoy the historical cannon that is in the park, and the different statues scattered around.

Many come to this park during twilight to take photos of the beautiful sunset. You can look and see flying seagulls.

A Closer Look:

Venice Beach
Venice Beach
#About Venice and the Los Angeles Beaches

One of the most famous and charming beaches in California is Venice Beach. This is a must-see site for every tourist, and a place frequented by locals.

Venice Beach is a strip of beach about 5 kilometers longs, with a lively and fun walkway - a place that mostly comes alive on weekends. If you like beach activities, you can find almost everything here. Basketball courts, skating rink, restaurants and cafes, boutique shops, bike lanes, a nice walkway filled with artists, magicians, and street performances.

Actually, this is one of the most interesting places in Los Angeles. You can see it all - people dancing, people skating or rollerblading, professional skateboarders, jugglers, bodybuilders, mass dancing on the beach, and people riding bikes.

If you walk towards the Abbot Kinney area, located nearby, you can see art galleries, and great restaurants. Those who like to walk can continue walking north, to the Santa Monica Wharf, with the Ferris wheel and the great theme park.

Venice Beach did not accident received its name. This beach is located near the Venice neighborhood, that took its name from Venice, Italy. In this neighborhood, there are canals that were dug at the beginning of the 20th century in a swamp area, in order to make the area an amusement park. Until today there are 6 canals parallel to one another and connected by bridges.

On summer weekends the beach is crowded with tourists. You might not want to come here during the evening hours, there are many homeless people and questionable characters that might not be as nice to be around in the dark.


If you decided to go into the water, just know they are probably chilly.

On weekends there is an exciting drum circle on the beach.

A Closer Look at Venice Beach and its Walkway:


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