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Cutty Sark
Cutty Sark
#About Greenwich's Ship

The iconic clipper ship Cutty Sark is a marine monument worth visiting while in Greenwich. In the second half of the 19th century, it was considered the fastest sailing ship in the world.

This ship was an immediate legend when it was created during the technological advancement race between sailing companies in the UK, whose goal was to create the fastest ship in the world. This occurred after the monopolistic company had great struggles around the import of tea for the West India Company.

The winner was Cutty Sark, a sailboat manufactured in Scotland christened by the name which meant "a petticoat" or "short skirt” in Scottish. It was beautiful and impressive, but above all else, it was fast and enabled the manufacturer to obtain the best import contracts of tea from India.

Today, the Cutty Sark is in the British Maritime Museum, illustrating the historical power of the Royal Navy of the British Empire. During the visit one can go aboard and learn about the lives of the sailors in the merchant ships and their work in those times. The ship also features a collection of ancient shipwrecks from around the world.

In addition, the yacht "Gipsy Moth IV" can be found beside it, in which the sailor Sir Francis Chichester circled the world alone when he was 65.

A Closer Look at the Ship :

Vereniging Museumhaven
Vereniging Museumhaven
#About Amsterdam's Open Harbor Museum

When you're near the Nemo Museum, peek out at the dock next to you. Where you can see the collection of ancient ships of Amsterdam. Calling it a museum is a little amusing, because it does not give any information or content, beyond peeking at the ancient ships, but the truth is that it is a fascinating sight that brings back to childhood memories of films we loved to see.

Either way, you can see here a collection of 20 ancient ships, a marine view of the ships anchored in the harbor - a nice place for lovers of marine history.

There is a wide variety of ships here, from more or less ancient sails to old service ships and more respectable motor boats.

The harbor where these ancient ships dock was once the port of the Dutch navy, from which the well-known merchant ships of the Dutch Empire emerged in the 17th century.

The ships are anchored, as noted, between the Nemo Museum and the Maritime Museum of Amsterdam, so it is natural for ship enthusiasts to continue to them as well. Enjoy!
Houseboat Museum
Houseboat Museum
#About the Museum

You have reached one of the more interesting museums in the world, where you can experience a tour on a real boat, anchored in one of Amsterdam's canals. The museum allows a glimpse into the lives of people who decided to live on water, in house boats located in Amsterdam's canals.

The museum in 1914 was on a cargo ship that was used to transfer sand and rocks, called the Hendrika Maria. Until the 1960's the boat was used for its cargo purposes, however in 1967 it was turned into a museum and many of the original items were remained untouched.

Feel free to take photos of this interesting way of life. In the museum you will find children's toys and a cafe.
Amsterdam Maritime History
Amsterdam Maritime History
#About the Museum

Amsterdam's Maritime Museum displays the story of the seafarers and their fascinating lives. Through the museum you can learn about their lives in a fun and interactive way. The museum building was built in 1656, and is walking distance from the NEMO Museum. Until 1973 the building was used as a Navy warehouse, until the museum opened.

In the museum are historical items, beginning from 500 years ago, that belong to the Dutch Navy. The Navy used to be the strongest in the world. There are many interesting things and displays, enabling visitors to connect and intimately learn about the country's naval past. Children will also enjoy and find a lot of interests here, the museum has video games, and visual effects.

A few years ago the museum was renovated: in the garden, glass walls and ceilings were built, with LED lights hanging off of them. In the evening, there's a real feeling as if the skies are lighting up, and small stars are sparkling above. This is a reminder for the seafarers and how they navigated with stars, using them as compasses. Though there have been many renovations here, the classical feel of the building has remained.

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