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Shopping in Belgrade

Flea Market of Belgrade
#About the Big Flea Market in Belgrade

As in every big city in Eastern Europe, Belgrade also has a representation of the vibrant flea markets, with their Eastern European, post-communist, and Gypsy reality.

The Buvljak market, the largest flea market in Belgrade, is only one of several in the city. This is one of the colorful flea markets you canvisit, a place where you sometimes ask "Who the hell will buy it?" And other times, "How is this not sold everywhere?"

In the improvised stalls of the Boblak market you will find a variety of second-hand souvenirs and bargains, from remnants and souvenirs from World Wars and Yugoslavia's wars to antique furniture, clocks, agricultural produce, toys, household goods, used clothes, vintage products, jewelry, folk items and many useful and used products.

This market is an open market, with dozens of real booths. Next to them, you'll see quite a few blankets lying on the ground with items for sale. It is a market of simple people who sell unnecessary things, along with professionals who market new and wanted products, old people who sell items from old collections and heirs who sell their inheiritence from older times.

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#About the Mall that Will Satisfy your Shopping Cravings

The modern Usce (Ušće) Mall, or the Usce Shopping Center, is Serbia's largest shopping mall. It has hundreds of diverse shops and a variety of cafes, restaurants and attractions such as bowling and a casino.

The huge mall in the new part of the city can be purchased in the shops of well-known and international brands, as well as local brands in Serbia, on the floor that is full of sports shops and more.

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Knez Mihailova
#About the Shopping Center in the Main Walkway of the City

Each city has a central street that everyone who comes to visit must come to it. In Belgrade, this is Knez Mihailova Street, or rather the Knez Mihailova pedestrian mall.

It is the main shopping street of Belgrade and one of the busiest areas of the city, throughout the day. There are many shops with international clothing brands, fashion chains, souvenir shops and gifts.

In between you can sit in the cafes here and eat ice cream. During the tourist season the pedestrian mall is paved with street artists and talented musicians who perform music in a variety of styles.

The street was named for the prince of Serbia, Michael II. It contains several buildings and mansions built during the 19th century and preserved to this day.

Even if you are not shopping, the trip to the pedestrian mall in Mihailova is a great time during the trip to Belgrade. In the evenings you can also spend time in the night clubs and bars in the alleyways.


Many of the buildings in the walkway

Men have an option to buy suits and blazers at good prices.

In the Day:


In the Evening:


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