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Shopping in Budapest

Gozsdu Bazaar
Gozsdu Bazaar
#About the Bazaar in the Jewish Quarter in Budapest

Gozsdu Bazaar is a Sunday market, taking place near the Dohány Street Synagogue. This is the market of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest, and it takes place only on Sundays during summer, April-September, between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

The origin of the name Gozsdu is from the name of the building where the bazaar takes place. The initiator who led this market took his inspiration from the Nahalat Binyamin market in Tel Aviv.

This is not a simple and cheap bazaar. There are stalls for jewelry, ceramics, clothes, bags, books, and utensils - most are of high quality.

The market is not geared towards tourists, which means the prices are not too expensive. This is a great place to buy meaningful gifts, some amusing and some original for home.

A Closer Look During the Day:


At Night:

https://youtu.be/iwpyFS7LXFEDohány Street Synagogue
Vci Utca
Váci Street
#About the Shopping Street of Budapest

The Vaci Street (Váci utca) Boulevard is the main shopping street in the city, a street of fancy stores in Budapest. The street is the main commercial and luxury area in Budapest, that begins in the local market and ends in Vörösmarty Square.

In the Middle Ages, this street was the border of the city of Pest. When the city was expanded in the 18th century, big and noble houses were built, and from the beginning of the 20th century it became a shopping street full of life and commerce. You can find endless fast food chains here next to massive ancient stores for ceramics, and popular fashion icons like Zara and H&M. Of course, when you need to eat or drink there are many cafes, next to different styles of restaurants and food stalls more or less successful. In the large market at the edge of the street there are great and affordable food stalls.

It is good to know that Vaci Street is no longer a place to great finds like it used to be. There are more tourist traps than in other parts of the city, and many stores sell the same souvenirs as everywhere else. There are special places for shopping here. It is good to mention that from the popular street small alleyways lead to quiet areas and secret hidden corners, but you really need to look hard to find them.


Vaci Street Boulevard is active between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

In the southern and calmer section of the street, near the large market, there are nice souvenir stores.

A Closer Look at the Vaci Street Boulevard:

The Great Market Hall
Great Market Hall
#About the Big Market of Budapest

The Big Market Hall (Tolbuhin Korut) or the covered market of Budapest, is one of the original and large markets in Europe, and in Hungary especially. The market is located in a building of the old train station, and food stalls are on the ground floor and the rest of the shops are on the second floor.

This is a wonderful and rich market for food. It is located at the edge of Vaci Street Boulevard, the main shopping street of Budapest, and has become the largest tourist market in the city.

Don't miss a chance to visit this market. On the first floor fruits, vegetables, cheese, and different kinds of meats are sold. The undoubted ruler of this market is the paprika, the symbol of the Hungarian kitchen, that decorates all the stalls. Paprika can be bought here in all sorts of flavors and different packaging. You can buy paprika in tin cans or designed wool bags.

On the second floor of the market, you can buy hand stitched table clothes, hand made embroidery, Matryoshka dolls, glass vases, and kitchen utensils. The prices are fairly cheap, even though it is crowded with tourists.

In the food area, you can taste from the local and loved stalls. This can be seen as a hugely popular restaurant with many kitchens, where delicious Hungarian food can be eaten, simple and cheap.

A Closer Look:


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