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The Grove
The Grove
#About the Cool Shopping Center of Los Angeles

Like many of the malls in modern cities, in Los Angeles as well, the malls are all covered. But The Grove is the exception, since it is an open mall, a secret part of its magic.

In the center of The Grove stands a large dancing fountain, where various water performances take place every evening. Although there are only 50 stores here, there are a wide range of stores, including Apple, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barney's New York and more.

In the complex there is a train that rotates all the time. The Grove also has a successful movie theater, a farmers' market, and a large Christmas tree is set up in Christmas. Many people in the city, among them many celebrities who are often followed by paparazzi photographers, come here to see, to be seen, to eat, to buy and often enjoy these open performances, which are offered here to visitors.

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Camarillo Premium Outlets
Camarillo Premium Outlet
#About the Shopping Center Near Los Angeles for Savings

Camarillo Premium Outlets is a sort of village for cheap stores, located near the famous Route 1. About a half hour north of Los Angeles.

With more than 150 factory and outlet stores, Camarillo Premium Outlets is the best for attractive prices. The outlets here offer a variety of brands, like Calvin Klein, Barneys, Diesel, and more.

There are great prices here and a nice shopping experience. Camarillo Premium Outlets is great in combining cheap fashion at great prices. There is a system to the stores, starting from more popular stores and inexpensive, leading to the famous luxury brands- at decent prices.


Try and stay up to date with the discounts and sales at the stores through the website of the outlet.

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Universal City Walk
Universal City Walk
#About the Festive Shopping Promenade and Entertainment for the Whole Family

Universal City Walk is a long promenade that has shopping and entertainment. Its location is right next to the Universal Studios amusement park. This ties the Universal City Walk for what happens in the successful park dedicated to cinema.

So, if you live by the cinema, and like the popular merchandise for movies, this is the right place for you. The Universal City Walk offers dozens of stores, all having to do with cinema and the world of movies.

Imagine a vibrant and lively area, with my stores, merchandise and clothes from famous Hollywood movies. Around you will be surrounded by street artists performing live shows. In the City Walk there are also a variety of souvenirs stores from movies. There are movies theaters around, clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. Everything is in one street, lit up, colorful and large, just like America knows to offer.


The prices here are not very expensive, but they are not cheap either.

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Citadel Outlets
Citadel Outlets
#About the Small Shopping Center with the Large Discounts

Citadel Outlets is an outlet mall in California, located not far away from Los Angeles center. This is a small shopping mall with large discounts, a place that offers cheap shopping for the residents of California, and its visitors.

The entrance to the mall reminds of an ancient temple, and the place itself is designed as a castle from the Victorian period. This is an outdoor shopping mall, with outlet store by famous and known brands, that drastically discount prices.

Among the 40 or so outlet stores by different brands, you will find here large commercial centers for H&M, Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, GAP, Banana Republic, United Colors of Benetton, and more.

For those planning to spend here a long time, in addition to the stores, there are great restaurants and cafes.


There is an organized shuttle here from most hotels for a fee, check at your reception.

Parking is free.

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Shopping in Los Angeles

Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
Off Broadway Shoes
#About the Shopping Promenade

Looking for designer shoes at great prices?

Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse is a huge shoe warehouse, that offers every possible kind of shoe available, and especially low prices.

People say that at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse you can find any style of shoe you can dream of, at prices that are hard to compete with. The advantage of this company is its huge size, which lowers the cost per shoe, even for luxury brands, to decent prices, whereas elsewhere they are sold for much more.

With the discount prices of about 25%-60% off from in other stores, and an additional 10% off for returning customers, you can enjoy great deals for shoes. Add the huge variety of thousands of shoes for women, men, sports, children shoes, to create the ultimate shoe temple.

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Desert Hills Premium Outlets
Desert Hills Outlets
#About the Outlets Discount Luxury Brands

Desert Hills Premium Outlets is a little village of outlets. Here you can find luxury brands from past seasons, and surplus merchandise. Here everything is sold at a great price, which gives the option for everyone to buy from the most well-known brands - at great prices.

Among the luxury brands sold here, you can find stores for Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Furla, and more.


To not miss the sales and discounts, check the outlet website ahead of time (link attached below), by the stores you are interested in going to.

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Melrose Ave
Melrose Ave
#About the Real Life Melrose Ave

It is no coincident that the name Melrose Ave is familiar to you. This is the name of the famous TV show, Melrose Place, that was filmed here and became a famous shopping center, especially because of the attractive prices that it offers locals and tourists. Most of the locals that come here are young adults and teenagers.

Melrose Ave is actually a large shopping avenue, where you can find everything - starting from vintage clothing stores and luxury items, named brands, alternative stores, record stores, and galleries.

In Melrose Ave, you will find stores with medium to cheap prices. For those interested in more luxury brands, there is the more expensive area a little after Fairfax Ave. There are stores like Dash, the Kardashian's family store.

Among the stores, you can see the local cafes and the residents that leisurely pass their time. More in the avenue - art galleries, theaters, pubs, and restaurants.


There is no train on this avenue, and you welcome to get a taxi or order an Uber.

Be sure not to miss the Pink Hotdog located on the corner of a Brea Avenue.

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3rd Street Promenade
3rd Street Promenade
#About the Boardwalk of Santa Monica

The coastal city of Santa Monica is a perfect place for a family trip as it has a combination of parameters that make it a particularly pleasant place - the comfortable Los Angeles weather, the relaxing beach and ... Shopping!

The 3rd Street Promenade, which is actually a pedestrian mall within the city, is a prestigious dining and entertainment area, but one you will not want to give up. The promenade is full of clothing stores, boutique stores and souvenirs, familiar chains and more. Quite a few visitors come here to buy, or just hang out and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the place. Do not be surprised if you meet street artists who show you their best talents in energetic, colorful street performances.

On Saturdays and Wednesdays there is a farmers' market with organic products.

Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive
#About the Luxury Shopping Street in Los Angeles

Shopping. How much do we love our shopping? Right? On a long and enticing road, full of life and style, Rodeo Drive is the most famous shopping street in the world. The road is known as one of the prestigious tourist destinations on the planet. The street received its fame from Hollywood filming many movies that gave it its status.

Located in Beverly Hills, you can go into stores of the most famous fashion brands and expensive jewelry stores: Tiffany & Co, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Valentino, and Prada. Notice the well-groomed sales staff standing in the stores, ready for any visitor who is interested in the products. Don't be shy and walk into the stores and look around, even if you don't intend to buy anything.

The street is designed like a nice European street, with narrow sidewalks and colorful flowers. Not far from the street you can see the famous Beverly Hills sign, where you can come and take a photo.

So maybe this is not a place where you can buy a whole lot, but walking around is no less fascinating, especially when sometimes you can see someone famous, coming out of a limousine and into their favorite stores.


Rodeo Drive is for well off people. If you are looking more for bargains - click on the tag "Shopping in Los Angeles".

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#About the Chinese Neighborhood of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chinatown is a tourist destination that brings to the stage the Chinese and Asian cultures into American cities. Like in many large cities in the United States where there are many Chinese immigrants, in Los Angeles as well you can find the local Chinatown.

This area you will be able to recognize in an instant, thanks to the different facade of the houses - from skyscrapers and modern buildings, the view will suddenly change to more traditional Chinese style houses. Chinese writings, Chinese products, shoes, and clothes - this is actually a large and colorful market where you will be wrapped in smells, sounds, and the local Chinese community.

If you like the local traditions, you will be able to sit and drink a cup of real Chinese tea in traditional tea sets, buy healing herbs and traditional medicine, clothes, furniture, art pieces, as well as eat at the many Chinese restaurants, and Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

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