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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
#The Gallery that is the Oldest Mall in the World

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, opened in 1877, and is the world's first indoor mall. The residents of Milan, love it very much and affectionately refer to it as the "Milan Lounge" or in Italian "Il Salotto di Milano".

The gallery is named after the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuel II. Even if you do not buy here, you should see the unique design of the ancient shopping center, located on the north side of the Duomo Square.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the most impressive sites in the city. Notice its mosaic floor that a lot was put into. Look at the impressive glass ceiling above you. Take a look at the beautiful frescoes and the shop windows of one of the oldest and central fashion centers in Italy and perhaps in Europe as a whole.

At the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II along with a collection of luxury stores, fashion designer stores and expensive jewelry stores, one can find fine gelato stores, gourmet restaurants, luxury cafes and more.

For a long time, the gallery had been the place where the locals of Milan met. Besides the locals, many tourists and shopping enthusiasts flock to the gallery every day, where the flagship stores of big designers such as Prada, which opened here in 1913 are located, or old restaurants such as the Baffy Cafe established in 1867 and the Savini restaurant, which was established in 1884.

The entrance to the beautiful indoor building from the Duomo Square is through an entrance gate designed as a spectacular triumphal gate, made of marble and granite. From there, the gallery leads up to Piazza della Scala, where the city's famous opera house, the Teatro La Scala, is located. Next to it is Milan's city hall, known as the Palazzo Marino.

#What is Here?

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a kind of metaphor for the entire city of Milan. In its neoclassical architecture it combines the old and the new and offers in one place the best of fashion, luxury and prestige.
From the world of fashion, such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci to expensive jewelry stores, from Swarovski stones to Bransoni's silverware, this spectacular mall features designer stores and the finest brands. Alongside them are art galleries, along with bookstores, cafes and gourmet restaurants, such as those of the famous Gucci, Zucca and Baffy cafes.

#The Sad Story of the Architect of the Gallery

One of the saddest stories in the history of architecture took place here. It is associated with the architect of the elegant and impressive shopping palace – the architect Giuseppe Mengoni. Mengoni won the design competition with his plan of a building that will link Piazza Duomo in Milan to the Piazza della Scala near Milan's Opera House.

Inspired by the historic Passages Couverts of Paris and the Burlington Arcade in London (perhaps the prototype of today's indoor shopping centers), Mengoni proposed in the competition a construction of a commercial avenue with a glass-and-steel ceiling that will connect the squares.

He proposed and won. It soon became clear that Mengoni was in love with this project. He designed it for all its details, taking great care in choosing the materials, the overall design, and the meticulous and uncompromising finishing of every detail in the magnificent building that was built in Milan.

In those days Italy was united and in the light of the turbulent time of those days, Mengoni filled the gallery with patriotic symbols that expressed the unity and the trust he had in the young state. Perhaps it was a mystical feeling that this would be his greatest architectural legacy, but Mengoni gave his life to this project. And not just metaphorically. Because just before the construction was finished, the day before the impressive gate of the magnificent building was inaugurated, something happened. While examining the last touches of the project, Mengoni fell to his death from a scaffold on which he stood, near the arch. So, the architect that was in love with the project did not get to see how his gallery became a great success and how it became, from a project designed to connect two major attractions in the city, to history itself, as the first shopping mall ever.

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Serravalle Designer Outlet
Serravalle Designer Outlet
#Milan's Big Outlet

The Serravalle Designer Outlet is one of the largest malls in Europe and the biggest in Italy. Even in Milan, considered the capital of world fashion, it stands out as a true shopping temple. There are over 170 stores here.

The designer outlet, whose exact name is "McArthurGlen," will offer you large discounts, which can range from 30 to 70 percent. It is decorated in the form of an Italian village.

In the huge outlet, you will find many of the international and Italian brands, including prestigious Italian designers, who sell here at great prices. From sneakers to designer bags or luxury suits – you will find everything here.

In addition to shopping, there are also a variety of restaurants and dining options.

A Closer Look:

#The Best Shopping in Milan

The "Excelsior" department store is a spectacular and even amazing place where the experience of buying is unique and different from other places you may know.

The store, which belongs to the Italian chain of stores “Coin”, is spread over seven floors. The design of this department store is contemporary and innovative. Many video screens are embedded in every corner and create a thrilling journey of visuals to the lifestyle that surrounds the buyers here and connects them to the world of fashion, gadgets and fine dining sold at the Excelsior.

The prestigious department store was designed by renowned Italian architect Jean Nouvel and his partner Vincenzo de Cotiis. The brilliance of the two here is that they have transformed an old movie theater in the city into an innovative and prestigious fashion center.

After you have been impressed and maybe even bought some of the goods (assuming you got over the prices here), you should also go up to the wonderful dining floor. The entrance is through a wine shop, where even the coolers create a stunning experience of advanced industrial design.
In the supermarket below, you can purchase excellent food items from the meat and fruit stands, as well as spices, cheese and cold cuts. If you would like, take some of the excellent ready-made food and head for the nearby park.

Are you ready for a gourmet picnic?

A Closer Look:

La Rinascente
La Rinascente
#The Best Shopping Area in Milan

The La Rinascente department store is a huge store that spreads over 8 floors. It is located in Piazza Duomo, north of the city's famous city cathedral and close to the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery.

Rinascente is a prestigious department store chain in Europe and its Milan department store is considered one of the largest department stores in the world. Here you can buy everything. There are clothes, underwear, children's clothing, toys, designer furniture and high-quality electronics, footwear, cosmetics, perfumes, wine stores, coffee and luxury kitchenware. By the way, world-class brands, such as Chanel and Marc Jacobs, sell here in small spaces, designed as small luxury shops, which simulate independent boutiques within the large department store.

One of the interesting floors in the store is the basement. Here, you will find a real supermarket, but for design. This is a place that gives you an experience of wandering the supermarket, but you can buy a huge variety of design items of all sizes and designers and leading design companies in the world.


Go up to the mall's roof floor and sit in one of the three restaurants in it. When you sit there, you will see right next to you, the upper part of the Duomo and its wonderful statues close up. It is a delightful experience to see this architectural marvel at the cost of a meal or cup of coffee and right next to you.
Apart from the restaurants and the coffee shop on the roof floor, there is also a huge deli, barbershop and health bar on the seventh floor.

Do not forget to request VAT refund forms.

From the basement level there is direct access to the subway station.

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Shopping in Milan

Quadrilatero d'Oro
Quadrilatero d'Oro
#The Best of the Elite Fashion in ​​a One Square Kilometer

If Milan is the capital of the fashion world, then the Golden Square (Quadrilatero d'Oro) is its most sacred part. Every fashion week, or fashion and design event in Milan begins here. Here, the most expensive and precious clothes, bags and jewelry are sold, along with perfumes, shoes and furniture.

There are also quite a few design and architecture stores and fancy delicatessens, but the area is first and foremost, filled with luxury boutiques and is considered one of the most prestigious and expensive luxury shopping areas in the world. There are shops and boutiques of all the leading brands and designers in the world. If you're not here, you don't exist – and that's what Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Armani, Missoni, Chanel, Michael Kors and many others know. Some of them hold several shops and boutiques here.

In September, fashion week is celebrated for spring and in March there is the autumn fashion week. Design Week is also held here, usually at the beginning of April.

Although the prices here are prohibitively expensive, the Golden Square is the main shopping area in Milan. This city excels in spectacular and prestigious fashion complexes, it is the most luxurious and well-known area in the city for shopping. Needless to say, the Golden Square is for fashion connoisseurs, whose bank accounts have enough cash to spend.

#The Golden Square Area

The Golden Square is located east of the Duomo and is divided between the following streets:
Via della Spiga - A pedestrian mall closed for vehicles.

Via Manzoni - the most popular and elegant street in Milan, which also has magnificent architecture of elegant and impressive buildings, such as the famous Grand Hotel of the city. It starts from Piazza Scala and reaches Piazza Cavour.

Via Sant'Andrea - a luxury shopping street for fashion lovers.

Via Monte Napoleone - the street that does not have many large chains, but mainly expensive boutiques and shops, by designers such as Gucci, Armani, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and others.

A Closer Look:

Via Monte Napoleone
Via Monte Napoleone
#The Prestigious Shopping Street of Milan

Via Monte Napoleone is the street with Milan's leading fashion shops. If this city is one of the chicest and most stylistic cities in the world, this street is the paradise of fashion and world chic.

On this street are the world headquarters of a significant portion of the world's leading fashion brands. Alongside them, there is a particularly high concentration of design houses such as Versace, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Dior, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and so on.

The chic and styling on this street just do not end. All the big or important designers in the world display and sell their designs here. This shopping street is the focus of global fashion activity. Along with the world's most prestigious players, there are also quite a few stores of designers and brands that are cheaper and are still considered good enough to be here.

Via Monte Napoleone also has the best shoe stores in Italy. In the country shaped like a boot, there are excellent shoes and Italian shoes are very popular around the world. Alongside the high-end shoe stores, there are also great jewelry stores, cosmetics and watches.

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Another Look:

Corso Como 10
Corso Como 10
#The Best Shopping Area in Milan

The center of Corso Como 10 is a shopping center named after its address. The center is one of the most popular fashion areas in Milan and a meeting place for fashion and cultural lovers, Milan's rich and curious tourists. Many see it as the best shopping area in town. It has an interesting combination of small shops, nice boutiques and fine fashion shops, with the best of Italian and international fashion, alongside a gallery of modern art, a restaurant, a cafe and a tiny hotel.

The center operates in an inner courtyard in the northern part of the city. It has several spaces, in which it has all these functions. Even if you do not have the money to buy in the luxury shops in the complex, it may be the ultimate place to go "window shopping." Go around as you like and enjoy an enviable design aesthetics.

Corso Como 10 is one of the most special places in the city and is located in the Brera district, the bohemian area, bustling with life and fashion in the city, which is also active in the evenings and nights.

#History of the Place

The place was created in the 1990's when the editor of Vogue Italy and the famous publisher Carla Sozzani opened the Carla Sozzani Gallery for photography, art and design. After a series of exhibitions, the area has become a cultural and commercial center for fashion products, design and photography, as well as for art, architecture and film.

A year later, in 1991, the complex was launched as Corso Como 10. American artist Kris Ruhs was hired to design it and maintain its industrial character. So, he also designed its logo, which has since become a well-known icon design worldwide.

A Closer Look:

Corso Matteotti
Corso Matteotti
#The Design Street of Milan

Corso Giacomo Matteotti is the design center of the city. Although there are quite a few well-known fashion stores and international brands of clothing, footwear and bags, the center of interest here is the leading design stores and brands in Europe and the world.

Here, you will find design and lighting fixture shops of Elsie, Fornasetti, Zara Home and others. Next to them you will find luxury car dealerships and the world's most expensive cars. Here you will find almost every prestigious design in the world, along with many of the popular designs sold in droves.

Giacomo Matteotti, after whom the street was named, was a socialist leader in Italy, who was murdered by the fascists at the beginning of their rule, in 1924. He was a strong opponent of Benito Mussolini and the Fascist Party and the Italian nation is grateful to him to this day. Matteotti was one of the first to recognize the monster, who was about to turn Italy into Hitler's ally. Therefore, he was assassinated by the tyrant's emissaries.

Mercatone dell' Antiquariato
Mercatone dell' Antiquariato
#The Sunday Monthly Antiques Market

Mercatone dell'Antiquariato, or the antique market of Naviglio Grande, is a popular antiques market and flea market, where all the lovers of vintage and second-hand bargain hunters will be happy to visit.

The market is held on the last Sunday of every month, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, except for July. It operates in Naviglio Grande, in the Navilli district, in the southwestern part of the city.

If you are an antique or vintage enthusiast and you are in town on this day, this is the place to go.

#The Antiquities Market at the End of the Month

The antiques market of Naviglio Grande is a huge, vibrant and colorful antiques market spread over two kilometers (1.25 miles). With about 400 stalls and a true carnival atmosphere, it seems you can find everything there.

There are plenty of bargains here, including posters, clocks, books, records, antiques, furniture, coins, porcelains, toys, clothes from the past and many more.

Take the time and rummage through thousands of items. On the tables of the peddlers and between them you will also find quite a few wonderful street food booths. The atmosphere here is pleasant and inviting, especially in the morning and afternoon.

Also, in the surrounding area, we will mention that it is one of the most fashionable areas in Milan. You will find a wide range of cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlors. Alongside them will be clubs, art galleries, fashion shops, design and cheap second-hand shops. Enjoy!


Try to arrive early in the morning, before it gets crowded and before the good finds will be gone.

Park in a legitimate parking lot, because cars that park on the street get towed or get very big fines.

A Closer Look:

Another Look:

Viale Papiniano Market
#The Wonderful Flea Market of Milan

The Viale Papiniano Market is Milan's most popular flea market. It is one of the oldest and most well-known markets in the city.

As the world's design capital, in the local flea market you will also find many vintage items that are incredibly beautiful at more affordable prices.

Along with used designer clothes and manufacturers surpluses, fashion items are also sold here at cheap prices. Of course, as in any European street market, there will also be handicrafts, housewares and artifacts from the past, and a bunch of junk that is not clear who would buy.

If you are focused and have haggling skills, you can find some great thing. Alongside the different items, there are also vegetables, fruits, cheeses and more. You can have a pleasant picnic here.

The food stands in the market offer street delicacies of Italian food and the pleasure is enormous.

After the market, take a tour of the nearby canal area. There is a wide variety of shops, galleries and cozy cafes here.


Come early in the morning to find quality bargains. The good things are sold here fast.

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