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Shopping in Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Center
Dizengoff Center
#About the First Mall in Israel

Dizengoff Center is maybe one of a few well-known shopping centers, and symbols of the city of Tel Aviv. This is a big shopping center, a place that attracts a large crowd on a daily basis, from young and old. There is a theater, fashion stores, music, wellness, pharmacies, books, utensils, and more. The center also has areas for children to play, gym facilities, and a pool that are open 24 hours a day.

From an architectural point of view, the mall is divided into two areas, connected by a pedestrian bridge, underground passageways, and crosswalks. Today, above the center are two buildings, the first is the residential building "Dizengoff Tower," and the second is an office building regarded as a "Super Building."

The center's concept is a city within a city - a commercial center that will include shops, air-conditioned walkways, vertical gardens, and public spaces. The inspiration for the project came from the Rockefeller Center in New York City. The vision was that a person could live in complex their entire lives, without have to ever leave, and therefore had to include adult activities, commerce areas, offices, stores, and a gym. And so, today there are about 40,000 visitors a day into the center, and it provides a full shopping experience.

#History of the Building

The place where the center stands was originally a small neighborhood with shack houses, Nordia neighborhood. Here, a few thousand immigrants lived from Europe, that were houses in 200 shaks. In 1955 a competition was held for the planning of the center. The winners were Aba Elchanani and Arieh Lotan, who planned to developed 10 housing buildings for the immigrants and commercial use.

It seemed that the center's future was decided with the vision of the buildings, for years there were disagreements over what is right to build, and how. Finally, the Peltz family and Shmuel Plato Sharon purchased the land in 1970. They initiated the construction of the Dizengoff Center commercial center.

The developers realized that years later Dizengoff Street became the center of Tel Aviv's commercial and entertainment life, they had a chance to locate a successful shopping center. They decided to build here the largest shopping center in Tel Aviv, the first of its kind in Israel. Like the street, which the entrepreneurs named after Meir Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv.

After years of construction, the shopping center was opened to the public in 1977. As expected, it became a huge success and won the nickname "the center."

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The Photo House
The Photo House
#The Photo Store that has Documented the History of Tel Aviv and the Young Country of Israel

The Photo House (The Tzalmania) is a nostalgic photo shop, opened in 1940 by the photographer Rudy Weinstein. This shop is a real institution. It is considered the largest and highest quality personal print collection in Israel. There are a few reasons for this, but it's important to mention the scope of Rudy's photos and the impeccable order it is maintained in.

Weinstein is known as a photographer who has documented the Israeli settlement and the advancement of the country and its beauty. His most famous photo is the from the Declaration of Independence, that is in a million books, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Besides that, the collection in the Photo House contain endless historical photos, and has about a million negatives from Rudy's camera.

Weinstein passed away in 1992, and his widow, Miriam, continued in his important work. Translations, sorting, revitalizing, and up keeping the collection, above regular camera services that she continued to provide to customers. After Miriam's death in 2011, the family continued to keep the collection and the store, and the incredible collection that Rudy created.

Throughout the years, the Photo House has won international fame, and was talked about in many movies and interviews. Exhibitions on behalf of the archive were exhibited around the world. In 2011, the documentary "The Photographers" documented the joint journey of Miriam Weinstein and her grandson against the destruction of the photography shop, as part of the demolition of the building and the construction of a new building. The film was screened at many film festivals and won prizes.

Today the Photo House has indeed moved to a new place, but to this day it is an archive store open to the public. You can see and purchase Weinstein's original photographs, posters of the photographs, postcards and books.

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Flea Market
Flea Market
#About Tel Aviv Jaffa's Flea Market

The picturesque flea market in Jaffa is a well-known and loved Tel Aviv establishment, by residents and visitors. Like all of Israel and especially Tel Aviv Jaffa, many interesting people can be see here: buyers of old furniture who buy one day, and the next sell at exorbitant prices, French immigrants who live nearby and come to meet the people in the market, tourists who come to see locals haggle and sunbathe in the winter sun and collectors looking for bargains with sophisticated sellers, as if there is no tomorrow ... and by the way, if you are looking for a good deal, you should arrive early in the morning, because later all the good items disappear.

This flea market has operated for many years, from the 19th century, at the time when Jaffa was the entryway to the country. Here you can find second-hand products, sometimes their prices are ridiculous, but often prices are reasonable, which show how popular the market is today. Business here is centralized in different areas, by categories. There is an area for jewelry and clothing, there are many furniture stalls on the main road of the market, the inner market alleyways are full of Middle Eastern items, like rugs, nickel lamps and more, there are also rather expensive stores for ancient art pieces from around the world. There are no tours here - you should just wander, discover whatever you can!

The Jaffa flea market is open six days a week, Sundays to Fridays, from early in the morning until the evening. The charm and magic of the Middle East market melt the hearts of visitors, and is also pleasant for Israeli and Tel Avivians, many who come here on a weekly basis.

There are nearby culinary establishments, such as Abulafia and Dr. Shakshuka, these are pleasant to the palate and the belly. Go enjoy!

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