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Szent Istvn Szobra

Szent Istvn Szobra
Saint Stephen Statue
#About the Large Statue of the Kings of Hungary

The Saint Stephen Statue, located between the Fisherman's Bastion and Matthias Church, is an impressive bronze statue, placed on a multi-level stone base, with four marble lions carved at each edge.

In the statue, Stephen (István), the first king of Hungary, is seen riding on a horse and carrying a royal wand in his right hand. St. Stephen, the first Hungarian Christian king, was crowned in 1001. He was born a pagan, but was baptized at the age of ten, as part of an alliance his father had made with the neighboring Christian states.

Stephen was the first Christian king of Hungary. When he received the monarchy, he was fought by pagan nobles, including his uncle, who was supposed to take power and felt deceived. But Stephen succeeded in uniting all the Midian tribes and was assisted by the Christian nobles of Slovakia.

When Stephen asked Pope Sylvester II to recognize him as a Christian king and allow him to appoint bishops, the latter refused. But one night later, in the dream of the Pope, the angel Gabriel appeared and ordered him to agree to the request of the Hungarian king. This dream, by the way, is commemorated in the statue of the Archangel Gabriel, which was placed on a post at the Heroes' Square in Budapest. The Pope fulfilled the angel's decree and sent a golden crown to Stephen, which had since become the symbol of Hungary. The crown was attached to an apostolic cross and a letter that recognized him as a Christian king.

From here, St. Stephen divided Hungary into districts and duchies, and ordered every ten villages to build a church and appoint a priest. He himself used to visit secretly and in disguise, the churches and cities, and donated money to the needy and the people he met. Legend has it that even when he was robbed by a bunch of beggars, he was exposed as the king, but spared their lives.

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