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The Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall
Great Market Hall
#About the Big Market of Budapest

The Big Market Hall (Tolbuhin Korut) or the covered market of Budapest, is one of the original and large markets in Europe, and in Hungary especially. The market is located in a building of the old train station, and food stalls are on the ground floor and the rest of the shops are on the second floor.

This is a wonderful and rich market for food. It is located at the edge of Vaci Street Boulevard, the main shopping street of Budapest, and has become the largest tourist market in the city.

Don't miss a chance to visit this market. On the first floor fruits, vegetables, cheese, and different kinds of meats are sold. The undoubted ruler of this market is the paprika, the symbol of the Hungarian kitchen, that decorates all the stalls. Paprika can be bought here in all sorts of flavors and different packaging. You can buy paprika in tin cans or designed wool bags.

On the second floor of the market, you can buy hand stitched table clothes, hand made embroidery, Matryoshka dolls, glass vases, and kitchen utensils. The prices are fairly cheap, even though it is crowded with tourists.

In the food area, you can taste from the local and loved stalls. This can be seen as a hugely popular restaurant with many kitchens, where delicious Hungarian food can be eaten, simple and cheap.

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Kapal ar
Grand Bazaar
#About the Huge and Exciting Istanbul Market

With more than 3,000 stores, the Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşi) is one of the largest markets in the world, and definitely the largest covered market in the world. The Grand Bazaar, founded by the Sultan Mehmet II between 1445-1461, is also one of the oldest indoor markets in Europe.

It is large, fascinating and you can spend long days in it. From clothes, jewelry, pottery, spices, carpets, oriental decorations, second-hand shoes to cafes, restaurants and tea buffets - this market, also known as the "covered market," offers just everything.

The market attracts about a quarter of a million people every day and has 10 mosques. In fact, the large bazaar extends from west to east, over 60 streets. It is an independent urban district, stretching from the Beyazit Mosque to the mosque of Nuruosmaniye. The quarter is also named after the market "Kapalıçarşı."

#History of the Big Bazaar and What is Here

In the days of Byzantium, the bazaar served as a center for popular commerce. Somewhere in 1453, Mehmet II, known as Mehmet the Conqueror, established the first and smallest bazaar, as a popular market.

In the 16th century it was significantly expanded, by Suleiman the First. Since then it has grown steadily, taking over the whole area, so much so that the neighborhood was named after it.

In the 20th century, when popular tourism broke out and became a huge economic and cultural phenomenon, the same vibrant but local market developed. Gradually it became the vast, tourist-rich bazaar.

In the center of the bazaar you will find the center of the carpets and antiques (IC Bedester). On one side is a marble fountain and on the other is an entrance gate with the symbol of the Byzantine Empire. If you pass through it, the gate will lead you to the silver and gold area.

And in general, the big bazaar of today, with its thousands of shops, is divided into different areas. These are "guilds" of professionals and businesses. There are areas of jewelry, other antiques, carpets, clothing, fabrics, household equipment, leather goods, ornaments and more.

There are also countless Oriental souvenir shops, ceramic tiles and Turkish-style pottery, as well as souvenirs for tourists and gifts from Turkish specialties and sweets.

There are countless popular restaurants in the market, coffee shops that sip authentic Turkish tea or coffee and food and drink stalls, where it is fun to savor local Turkish street food.


Do you hate crowds? -? Come here in the mornings, when the market is empty. Then you can also enjoy opening prices, for the first sale of the day, when vendors are more generous.

The market is huge. Set aside time and get out when you feel dizzy.

You should check the goods carefully.

Bargaining in the bazaar is legitimate and recommended.

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