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The Independence Square

Nezavisimost Square
Nezavisimost Square
#About the Square of the City of Varna

The vibrant Nezavisimost Square of Varna is the city's main square and its historical center since it was liberated from the occupation in 1878.

This is a large square-shaped square that has the city's singing fountain, that was planned in 1960. The central pedestrian mall is also located in the square and not far from it is the regional court.

In Nazivisimost Square (meaning Independence) is the city theater, which was completed in 1932, the city's oldest opera house, and its famous clock tower.

The name of this square has changed several times over the years. In 1878 the square was called Musala, the name of the old Muslim cemetery, which is nearby. After the liberation from the Ottoman rule, the name of the square was changed to Preslevski Square, named after Praslav Street. In honor of Bulgaria's independence in 1908, the name was changed to Nazivisimost Square, meaning Independence Square.

In 1952 the name was changed again, this time commemorating the beginning of the Bulgarian communist regime, receiving the name September 9th Square. Only in 1992, when the Communist era in Bulgaria was over, was the square returned to the name Nezavisimost Square.

Incidentally, the remains of a fortified Roman wall were discovered in an archaeological excavation in the square. Today you can see a small section of it, just behind the "New Yorker" store.

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The Wonderful Fountain Here:

Clock Tower of Varna
Clock Tower of Varna
#About Varna's Impressive Clock Tower

The Clock Tower of Varna, which stands on the city skyline, is located in Independence Square, in the city center and close to several impressive buildings, including the city's opera house.

This is an ancient tower, with written evidence that existed as early as the 18th century. It was then used to mark the historical territory of the city.

Later, the ancient tower was an especially high point. Until 1898, when the firemen were equipped with a telephone line, the city fireman used him to identify fires and their location. Tall buildings were scarce then and were used by firefighters for observation of the whole city. The observer then marked the location of the fire with his friends, using colored flags. At night the flags were replaced with flashlights.

The clock on the tower was purchased from England. It was installed by watchmaker Otun Ivanov, who had since devoted his life to the clock tower. When he died in 1932, his son inherited his profession and his job and continued to handle the clock until his death in 1976. Thanks to the meticulous follower of this watchmaker, the 100-year-old clock continues to show the exact time to this day.
Varna Opera Theatre
Varna Opera Theatre
#About the Municipal Opera House in Varna
The Varna Opera Theater is one of Varna's most renowned sites.

This is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. It was built in the early 20th century in the Baroque style and became the official home of the Varna Theater Group and the City Opera Company.

Advertisement for the Academy of Opera in Varna:


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