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The Nijubashi Bridge

The Nijubashi Bridge
The Nijubashi Bridge
#About the Most Photographed Bridge in Tokyo

The Nijubashi Bridge or the Double Bridge at the entrance to the Imperial Palace, is the photogenic entrance bridge of the Emperor's Palace in Tokyo. And the truth is that not only in the city - it is one of the most familiar and photographed places in all of Japan.

The unique setting from the two-arched bridge offers a breathtaking view of the Imperial Palace and the Old City.

The public is permitted to pass through the famous stone bridge only twice a year - once on New Year's Day and once again on the emperor's birthday.

The bridge is just a minute's walk from the underground station. Walk along it, and along the canal of the palace, and up up the bridge and into the palace gate.


Next to the Nijubashi Bridge you can watch the palace guards change once an hour and then stand at the gates of the palace.

A Closer Look:


It is very Beautiful:


#It is a Popular Tourist Photo Spot:


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