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Vanier Park
Vanier Park
#About the Park in the Kitsilano Neighborhood

Vanier Park is a large and important public park in the Kitsilano neighborhood in Vancouver. In the past the Vancouver police would use this area for training, today it is a lovely park for the residents, where kites are flown, joggers fill the park and other athletic activities.

The trails in the park connect it with the wonderful Kits Beach (Kitsilano Beach), and Hadden Park nearby.

The park was established in 1967. It is located on the peninsula near the Burrard Bridge, and reflects the downtown and English Bay, south of False Creek.

#What Will You See in the Park?

Vanier Park includes one of the most popular beaches in the city, Kitsilano Beach. Nearby you will find Kitsilano Pool, the longest swimming pool in Canada, and not far away is a grove with impressive maple trees.

In the park you will find walking trails and different athletic facilities. There is space for kite flying, as well as playing fields. Discover also the favorite little boat pier.

Above enjoyment from everything and the plants and views of the park, in Vanier Park are 3 important museums: Vancouver Museum, Maritime Museum, and the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. The City of Vancouver Archives can also be found here.


Some of the large summer festivals take place in the park each year. There is a festival for Shakespeare called Bard on the Beach.

A Closer Look:


The Park with the View and Art:

Vancouver Maritime Museum
Vancouver Maritime Museum
#About the Incredible and Beautiful Maritime Museum

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is less than 200 meters from the Museum of Vancouver and is meant to present and deal with the rich maritime history of the city. This is completely exhibited here at the Maritime Museum, that was opened in 1959.

In the museum there are both permanent and temporary exhibits. You can see maritime items like boat accessories, sailor uniforms, wooden models of ships, old rowboats, art pieces from ships, and more.

Don't miss the sailboat St. Rosh, that is considered a national historical site. The boat is located outside the museum. It was built in 1928 for the Canadian Royal Cavalry, and during World War II this was the first ship to sail back and forth through Canada's North West Passage.

The center of discoveries is a nice part, fun, and recommended for children. In this part of the museum there are sailor uniforms, different electronics and sonars to see boats out in the bay with.

In the "Bay of Pirates" visitors will board a pirate ship, where they can dress like a pirate and "find" real treasures! Activities on this boat are for children at least 10 years only.


You can buy the Vanier Park Explore Pass that gives a discounted entrance to the three museums in Vanier Park, and not necessarily for the same day. It costs $30 per adult, with a discount for children.

A Closer Look:


From Outside and Inside the Wonderful Vanier Park:


A View from Above:

Museum of Vancouver
Museum of Vancouver
#About the Museum for the History of the City of Vancouver and the Region

The MOV, or the Vancouver Museum, is a museum whose purpose is to present the history of British Columbia, from the times of the Indians, through the European settlements, the "Gold Rush," the "Great Depression," the 1950's, and modern times around the 1970's.

The museum building looks like a flying plate that landed in Vanier Park. Near the museum there is a modern metal statue that reminds of a large crab. In the museum are many itmes form the daily lives of the residents of the city, starting from the Indians and up to today. There are interesting exhibits here, like cars of different periods, a women's hair parlor from the 1950's with all sorts of machines, old city streets, train carriages from 1880, clothes from 1930, and more.

There are items in the field of anthropologyy, histroy of nature, history, and the art of Vancouver, and in particular the British Columbia region. The interesting parts of the museum are the ones dealing with the immigrants who came to the city, daily life, and in different times throughout the history of British Columbia.

On top of all that, there is also an impressive art collection, with interesting pieces from around the world that were collected by the city's residents.

In the same building there is also the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.


The museum is in Vanier Park, north-west to Grandville Island.

In winter the museum is closed on Mondays.

A Closer Look:


The Wonderful Building Located at the Beautiful Vanier Park:


Exhibit at the Museum:

Gate to the Northwest Passage
Gate to the Northwest Passage
#About the Walking Statue in Vancouver

Imagine a square metal frame, bent on the lower end, and you have the Gate to the Northwest Passage statue in Vancouver. This modern work of art is a statue that was put in Vanier Park in Kitsilano in 1980, by artist Alan Chung Hung.

The statue, put near the Vancouver Maritime Museum, is meant to commemorate the arrival of Captain George Vancouver to the Burrard Inlet in 1792. This is how it has come to be known as the Gate to the Northwest Passage.

The height of the metal statue is over 4.6 meters. For its square shape, making the shape of a rainbow, there were those in the past that compared it with a paper clip.

The artist Alan Chung Hung said that the purpose of the statue was to create a symbolic frame, with visual and expression, that will waken the awareness of the donations by captain George Vancouver to the world, and the meticulous surveys he conducted in the area, which included the northern beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

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Vanier Park

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
#About the Place in Vancouver to Learn About Space

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is a place for children and adults as one, having to do with the science and technology of space, with smart exhibits and interactions with the visitors. By combining knowledge, experience, education, understanding, and games.

The H.R. MacMillan Space Centre is located in the same building where the Museum of Vancouver is located, the MOV. It was planned by the architect Gerald Hamilton, a futuristic building, that reminds in its shape a flying plate, and it seems that there is no better building for this subject.

Among the fields that can be learned here are navigation lunar robots, spacecraft design, introduction to the International Space Station, a look at the Apollo 17 spacecraft, the study of space and the solar system and the development of the space industry and the space program of Canada.

One of the popular attractions at the MacMillan Space Centre is a simulator that depicts the feeling of flying through space. With this simulator you can feel how astronauts feel in space, and how space flights operate.

At the center is a planetarium, with a laser and star show, in a panoramic display of 360 degrees, on a dome with a diameter of 20 meters. This is one of the interesting corners in the center. Visitors can learn about topics like relations to the universe, the Milky Way galaxy, and the solar system.

There is a small observatory here, that enables visitors to see stars and learn about the status of each star, and what it is made of.

At the center, established in 1968 and named after a local rich industrialist, are held public events and lectures, whose purpose is to enhance the scientific knowledge of space, and humankind's approach to it.

A Visit to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre:

Kits Beach
#About the Cool Vancouver Beach

Vancouver sits on the Pacific coast and has wonderful beaches and rare mountain views around. Spending time on beaches here in the summer is a pleasure.

Kits Beach in the city is a great and young beach and one of the city's favorite places, especially for swimming, jogging and flying kites. Others prefer to get to sunbathe, play in the sand and play beach volleyball games, do yoga and rest.

There are beautiful lawns on this beach, a grove of wonderful maple trees, boats and ships that run opposite and a host of birds. It also has a wonderful view of the downtown Vancouver skyline and the city as a whole.

The beach, also known as Kitsilano Beach, is actually the canopy of the Kitsilano neighborhood, which in the 1960's was a hippie neighborhood and a real crook. Today it is an expensive neighborhood in the city and the charm of the cool young people of the past has almost disappeared, but something of the fragrance of the past remains.

In addition to the various sports facilities on Kitsilano Beach, it also has the longest swimming pool in Canada - a very impressive pool with salt water.

So even though there are better beaches for swimming, the beach is also free and fun to enjoy, especially because of the wonderful atmosphere. So if you're looking for a beach in town, you're likely to find it here.


Bringing a dog? - Kits Beach also has a separate dog beach, where you can spend time with your pet.

A Closer Look:


Photos of the Beach Throughout the year:


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