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Venice Beach
Venice Beach
#About Venice and the Los Angeles Beaches

One of the most famous and charming beaches in California is Venice Beach. This is a must-see site for every tourist, and a place frequented by locals.

Venice Beach is a strip of beach about 5 kilometers longs, with a lively and fun walkway - a place that mostly comes alive on weekends. If you like beach activities, you can find almost everything here. Basketball courts, skating rink, restaurants and cafes, boutique shops, bike lanes, a nice walkway filled with artists, magicians, and street performances.

Actually, this is one of the most interesting places in Los Angeles. You can see it all - people dancing, people skating or rollerblading, professional skateboarders, jugglers, bodybuilders, mass dancing on the beach, and people riding bikes.

If you walk towards the Abbot Kinney area, located nearby, you can see art galleries, and great restaurants. Those who like to walk can continue walking north, to the Santa Monica Wharf, with the Ferris wheel and the great theme park.

Venice Beach did not accident received its name. This beach is located near the Venice neighborhood, that took its name from Venice, Italy. In this neighborhood, there are canals that were dug at the beginning of the 20th century in a swamp area, in order to make the area an amusement park. Until today there are 6 canals parallel to one another and connected by bridges.

On summer weekends the beach is crowded with tourists. You might not want to come here during the evening hours, there are many homeless people and questionable characters that might not be as nice to be around in the dark.


If you decided to go into the water, just know they are probably chilly.

On weekends there is an exciting drum circle on the beach.

A Closer Look at Venice Beach and its Walkway:

Abbot Kinney
Abbot Kinney
#About the Pleasant Entertainment Area off Venice Beach

Want to spend time in Venice? - Abbot Kinney Avenue is a long palm-lined avenue that presents what is considered the true magic of Los Angeles.

With palm trees, art galleries, shops and excellent restaurants, this is the main street of Venice, a street inspired by the Italian city of Venice. Just like the Italian Venice, there are water canals and little bridges on Abbott Kinney Avenue.

Abbott Kinney is not far from Venice Beach. Everything you find in it will be unique. From the pleasant vintage shops, the stylish cafes, the excellent ice cream parlors, the boutiques and designer boutiques, the galleries with fascinating artworks, trendy restaurants and unique art stalls - it is no wonder that on the weekends and evenings, the area is full of interests.


On weekends, the area is crowded and sometimes too crowded. If you can, come in the middle of the week and enjoy a truly delightful experience.

A Closer Look at Abbott Kinney:

Venice Canals Walkway
Venice Canals Walkway
#About the Venice Canals

As you can imagine, the Venice neighborhood gets its name for a reason. You will feel as if you have reached Venice, Italy, only on a smaller scale. Gondola boats on the canals, wooden bridges and impressive houses, you might think you have arrived in Italy.

The purpose of the canals originally was to clear water from local swamps in the area. Then, Abbot Kinney bought the land, and made this a luxury and beautiful neighborhood. Notice the small and well-maintained gardens, the BBQ corners, and the tanning beds.

You can visit along the canals, take photos and breath the fresh air.
Franciacorta Outlet
Franciacorta Outlet Village
#About the Huge Outlet Near Verona

Franciacorta Outlet is the so-called "Outlet Village." This is a kind of village with colorful houses in its streets. Each has a store or a number of outlet stores. All this along with restaurants and cafes for the enjoyment of buyers.

In the country's stylish houses, you will find famous Italian and international brands, including designer stores, whose products are sold here at discounted prices, ranging from 30% to 70% of regular store prices.

There are over 150 stores, including clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, cosmetics and chocolate. Among the brands sold here are Gant, Nike, Puma, Sisley, Vans, Asics, Bata, Brooks, Adidas, Benton, Kiko Milano, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, along with designer clothes such as Cavalli, Baldini and Armani.

Franciacorta is near Verona, about half an hour from Lake Garda, about an hour from Milan, and an hour and a half from Venice.


If you want to tour a little bit by car, you can take a 15-minute drive away from the complex to Lake Iseo, the beautiful and barely visited.

Outlet Village:


A Closer Look:


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