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Vyehrad Leopold Gate

Leopoldova Brna
Vyšehrad Leopold Gate
#About Vyšehrad's Decorated Gate

The Vyšehrad Leopold Gate, the entrance gate to the Vyšehrad Fortress in Prague, is the most beautiful Baroque gate in the city.

The gate, built between 1653-1672, was designed as the castle gate. The planner was the famous Italian architect Carlo Lurago. Apart from the central passageway, it includes two small pedestrian crossings designed for pedestrians.

The gate is decorated with columns and a shield designed by Giovanni Battista Allio. You can still see the double-wheeled holes that dominated the castle bridge.

This gate, incidentally, was never completed, at least from a tactic point of view. In order to reach the firing position in his head, the soldiers were forced to climb a ladder placed on a mobile platform, which was brought on wheels.

#Legend of the Spirit of the French Officer

Leopold's Gate, like all of Vyšehrad, is also filled with by fairy tales. The most frightening legend was born many years ago. It began when soldiers guarding the entrance to the castle here claimed to have seen the ghost of a soldier wandering around at night. Hence the legend of the spirit of a French officer, appearing here on the nights of a full moon began.

The belief was that this was the spirit of a French major who had been killed here at a time when Vyšehrad had been occupied by the French army. The spirit, according to legend, seeks revenge for the tragic death of the officer. The prevailing belief is that there was a case in which the spirit of the Major tried to strangle the sentries here and that the bullets they shot at him just passed through his body.

Today people dismiss the story with scornful words or make a horror film about it, but once, a long time ago, they took stories like that seriously. This threatening story led to the fact that for many years the soldiers guarding here were appalled by the horrors of the French officer's spirit. They were vigilant, and perhaps as we see now, that all this legend was was an invention of commanders who wanted the sentries to be vigilant ...

The Entrance from the Leopold Gate in Vyšehrad:


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