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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
#About the Abbey

Westminster Abbey and St. Peter's Church, are the place where the kings of England are crowned and married. It is here that many of the old kings, alongside the writers and scientists of England are buried. Founded in 970 CE, the monastery is also a national museum.

In general, the church is an example of medieval architecture. However there are also other styles embodied in it; starting from the Gothic style to the 18th century. There is a large stained glass window at the entrance on which the three fathers and the 14 prophets are commemorated. Also note the "floating arches" in the northern wing of the monastery. They serve as a supporting base that holds the huge structure.

The first time the entire world was exposed to the church was in 1997, at Princess Diana’s funeral ceremony. The church received a lot of attention at the wedding of Prince William and Kate, who became Princess. In 1987, UNESCO declared the monastery and the palace a World Heritage Site.

#The History of the Abbey

One of the most prominent symbols of London is Westminster Abbey with special attention to its unique architecture. Prince Edward was one of the founders of the monastery. The monastery was built in a place where, according to legend, the fishermen who were fishing in the river saw the image of St. Peter. Construction took almost twenty years, between 1045 and 1065. It was eventually completed, only one week before the Prince's death.

A year after the building was completed, William of Normandy invaded Britain and tried to rule the kingdom. After quite a few wars and intrigues, he was crowned king in the monastery and became King William I. Legend has it that he entered the coronation ceremony while riding on a horse and ever since then, all coronation ceremonies occur in the monastery, although the kings do not arrive riding horseback.

The monastery underwent significant renovations over the years, which ended in 1514. It then was established with a Gothic style known to this day.

However celebrations and new beginnings are not the only events that occurred here; there were funerals and burial ceremonies as well. The most famous funeral held here was that of Princess Diana in 1997.

Another attraction in the church worth seeing is the grave of Edward "the Confessor" who founded the church. See also the coronation throne facing his grave, the tomb of Elizabeth I and that of Mary, her half-sister. Note the Chapel of King Henry VII. The chapel dedicated to the Royal Air Force should also not be missed.

#The Abbey for Tourists

The religious services conducted in the abbey are not intended solely for noble or royalty, but also for ordinary people who want to enjoy the beauty of the Church. If you go towards the altar you can search for the space devoted to the scholarly monks, consisting of 8 symmetrical sides. On its walls there are interesting murals.

During the singing of the enchanting choir, you can listen to the amazing acoustics of the place.

#The Da Vinci Code Film

When the famous film "The Da Vinci Code" was produced in Hollywood in 2006, the director sought permission to film the relevant scenes throughout the church, focusing especially on the murals that received much space in the original book and later in the film. The dean of the church refused to cooperate with the filming, because the original book did not follow exact historical facts. The Catholic Church in general criticized the film for its controversial interpretation. Some bishops even recommended boycotting the film and not watching it at all.

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